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Joseph Smith
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The original Red Brick Store opened for business on January 5, 1842, with Latter Day Saint founder Joseph Smith Jr. as owner and proprietor. The main floor was a general store. At the back on this floor, Bishop N.K. Whitney had an office where people could pay their bills and tithing.

On the second floor was a small office for Joseph Smith Jr. and a large assembly room. Council meetings were held there, as were Masonic Lodge meetings and the organizational meeting of the "Female Relief Society" with Emma Smith as president. Also in this room, "endowments" as later practiced in the Nauvoo Temple were introduced and Joseph Smith III was designated by his father as his successor. By the fall of 1860, the Olive Branch, an early congregation of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (now Community of Christ) was meeting on the second floor.

By 1890 the building had deteriorated and was torn down. It was reconstructed on the original site and opened to the public in April 1980.
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