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Divergent Paths of the Restoration

Divergent Paths of the Restoration $18.00
Few religious movements have provided such fertile ground for schismatic tendency as has Mormonism. Almost from its inception individuals have claimed to have a new interpretation of the original percepts of the “restored gospel.” This book helps sort out the histories and theologies of the varied churches within the Latter-day Saint movement.

First published in 1975, Divergent Paths of the Restoration was revised and updated for the fourth edition to include a great number of recently formed groups. More than a hundred different churches, organizations, and individuals are discussed in the fact-filled volume. Brief historical essays and doctrinal summaries make it a significant LDS history-related publication worth the attention of those within and outside the churches of the Restoration movement.

About the Author:
Steven L. Shields, whose roots in the Latter Day Saint movement extend back to the Kirtland, Ohio period in the original church, has devoted more than thirty years to the study of the scores of churches and other ministries which trace their roots to the work of Joseph Smith, Jr. He has authored and published more than 50 essays, papers, and books dealing with the subject of Latter Day Saint belief, scripture and history. He holds a master's degree in religious studies from Park University in Missouri.

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Author Steven L. Shields 
Published 2001 
ISBN 9780830905690 
Manufacturer Herald Publishing House 
Format Paper 
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