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Joseph Smith
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Read More About Lamoni, Iowa

By 1890, RLDS members had started gathering back to Independence, Missouri, and some people felt the church college should be located in that “central place”. Others felt Lamoni should be the site of the church’s first institution of higher learning, but there should be other such schools elsewhere.

At the time, Lamoni still had the largest congregation of the church and the community was considered as having a wholesome atmosphere for college life. But the key advantage was that the only offers of land for the campus had come from Lamoni. Marietta Walker donated 20 acres of her farmland and an additional 47 acres were secured by the time Lamoni was officially selected as the college site in December 1893.

The October 1895 Ringgold Record of Mount Ayr, Iowa, reported that “Lamoni is largely a manufacturing town, and its chief plant is the great printing house of the Saints……. Every week there is sent out from the Lamoni printing house the Saints’ Herald of about 5,000 copies, and three or four other publications, besides books and tracts in great number that are sent out from time to time.”
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